McQuarrie Creative, Jeff McQuarrie Jeff McQuarrie, Producer of the movie Legends of the Palouse about Washington State University football

"Whoa!, this is so cool."

McQuarrie Creative is a customer-oriented company that does video production, filmmaking, graphic design and marketing. Because we are small, Jeff McQuarrie oversees all client projects. Jeff's philosophy is to give more than you expected, and to keep going until you can't get the smile off your face. McQuarrie Creative does everything from wedding videos, to business promo videos to spectacular music videos. We also do award-winning logos, advertisements and a wide array of other marketing functions. We get a charge out of seeing you go, "Whoa!, this is so cool."
PerfecTragedy Music Video and music in WSU football movie Legends of the Palouse Washington State University Cougar Football Movie on DVD, Legends of the Palouse
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