What's with this Love Affair we have with our School and its Football Team?

That’s what Washington State University grad Jeff McQuarrie wanted to know. So he quit his steady job as a marketing executive, bought a broadcast quality video camera and traveled North America collecting stories from all his favorite Washington State football players, past and present.

Hop on board McQuarrie’s three-year odyssey and meet the linebacker who traded his promising pro career for a life of drugs and violence. Then hear the story of the player who tackled a kidnapper, not realizing the thug had a loaded gun. Next it’s off to meet the undersized walk-on who finally made the team, only to get shot the week before his first game!

As if the chilling stories aren’t enough, McQuarrie brings you the top 15 teams in Washington State Football history, complete with highlights dating back to 1916!

All this while visiting over 100 members of the Cougar Nation - from a 1942 All-American to a 1970’s cheerleader to the 90-year-old man who designed the Washington State Cougars logo - in search of an answer to the question,
“What’s with this Love Affair we have with our school and its football team?”

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